Driverless Cars – Result of AI

What is a driverless car?

Basically, a completely driverless car must be capable of navigating to a destination, keeping away from obstacles, and parking with no human intercession.

To achieve this, a driverless car must have an artificial intelligence system that detects its surroundings, forms the visual information to decide how to avoid collisions, operates car machinery like the steering and brake, and uses GPS to track the car’s current location and destination.

How it works?

To detect visual surroundings, mainly driverless cars have combination  of three visual systems: video cameras, radar and lidar.

The Artificial Intelligence synthesizes the information from these distinctive systems to completely map out its surroundings and watch out for unforeseen impediments.

self-driving cars require every one of the three: AIs require visual cameras and intense learning software to interpret objects like road lights and stop signs, and white radar gets most impediments immediately, it’s not as good as spotting smaller obstacles as lidar. AI have its application in mobile app development also.


Advantages of driverless cars

Roads will be safer

Around the world, more than 1.2 lakh  people die in traffic-related deaths every years. But self-driving cars could drastically reduce the number of accidents helping to save thousands of lives.

Traffic and fuel efficiency will greatly improve.

Driverless car’s potential in productivity, proficiency as far as better traffic flow, and less fuel consumption.
As cars will be automated, there will be less possibility of accidents caused by human mistake, leading to less traffic congestion.
Furthermore, automated vehicles designed to optimize efficiency in acceleration and braking,  they will also help improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

You will have more free time.

cars doing most or majority of the driving, you will be free to make the most of your time spent in the vehicle.
Furthermore traffic congestion is also expected to decrease, it will probably take you less time to get to your destination, which will also help make more significant time for different things other than driving.

Future of driverless cars

In 2018 it is turning into a reality. Driverless car innovation is already being developed by the likes of Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, and Tesla tested driverless Autopilot system on UK roads. Across the Atlantic, Google is developing its automated technology in the wild, and Apple is rumoured to be working with BMW on its own – probably automated – car.

Completely automated tech is still at an advanced testing stage, but partially automated technology has been around for the last few years. Executive saloons like the BMW 7 Series feature automated parking, and can even be controlled remotely.

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