How much would it cost to create a music streaming app

The music business has seen a change in paradigm from a CD to digitization and flourishing with the approach of technological advancements. Music streaming business is on the rise, as people do not have to download anything anymore. Some years  ago an iPod with couple hundreds of favorites was enough, but today the advancement of internet connection speed has changed the demand for music and hence increasing popularity of music streaming app , thus, increasing the demand in music app development. Cost of music app totally depends on features, now with the technology advancement features are increasing and hence cost is increasing but revenue is also increasing exponentially.


Cost forming factors of building a music streaming app


Before getting down to developing a music app, prepare the planned concept of the project. Try out the main competitors, check out what is so special about them and how to outrun them. Tailor the application’s features and design to match the needs of your target audience. Planning of app feature decide cost of app.

Finding Tech Crew

When you finally have a vision of what your product is going to be, it’s time to locate the team that will build it for you. You have to hire top mobile app development company for your dream project.

Deciding  Platform

Platform is most deciding factor in calculating cost. It’d be better to create a native applications for each platform so they would perfectly interact with the existing operating system, and offer users the most authentic user experience.

Getting licensed

You could not add songs to your app without permission. There are copyrights and legal procedures that should be followed. Otherwise, a lawsuit is in store for you.


Features of music streaming app

  • User profiles and authorization: forms for users to register and login, using email address or social media accounts
  • Audio streaming service: to enable constant online access to music files through cloud storages
  • Search and organize options: search and navigate algorithms to find songs by titles or artists, and save favorite tracks
  • Playlists: that users can save, edit and listen and share both in online and offline
  • Offline availability: saving music to users’ devices or computers, or caching files
  • Social sharing: options to share songs/playlists with friends and see what others are sharing, privately or publicly
  • Notifications: to get news from friends, artists and community.


As we have discussed cost does not depend on single factor. It depend on features of application, license, platform, and on mobile app development company, as how much is their hourly rate for development.

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