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01. Research Project
02. Find Ideas
03. Start Optimize
04. Reach Target

Stage 2 - Planning Process

Keyword Mapping Opportunity

Firstly we find out the most valuable keywords related to your business and then we input them in the right places on your website. We classify them into 2 main categories; purchase and informational. Purchase keywords are used on sales pages, while informational gets mapped for content creation. This is an important process that is helpful in building up your website’s organic marketing funnel, a key model for both content creation and link outreach.

Audience Persona Creation

It is impossible to request everyone on the internet. The good news is that it is not necessary. We want to focus only on specific community; your customers. Audience profiling is a process that helps us focus everything (from tone of voice to creative) on helping you to get more paying customers.

Competitive Links Audit

Google’s algorithms mostly depend on AI learning. In other words, it knows exactly what a good link profile looks like in your recess. To create the best links to your site, we run a full competitor link audit to understand how profiles look that are having good link.


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Link Opportunity Mapping

Good links are difficult to come by so we make sure they are put on the right place on your site by assigning targets through traffic impact. By improving website ranking and taking it on the first page, we are able to get good traffic in quick time for our client.

Topical Research for Content

Keyword research is a dated tactic that hamper content performance. Instead, we focus on topical research which is helpful in identify the right and strong keywords along with trends and topics as well. Additionally, we will map these topics to different stages in your website’s funnel. Everything is scheduled for and consider for creation in your campaign.

Link Calendar Creation

Link building is a psychotic amount of work, which we happily take on for our clients. We target more than 6 different link types and pitch over 1,000 opportunities on your behalf. This whole work can only be accomplish by management and we do so by building an outreach calendar ahead of time.

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Content Calendar Development

Content Calendar Development is process of formation of tool that ensures that what content we publish is best and content published at right time. The record of all the keyword we publish are maintained in a calendar with date and get deliver to you within the first month of your campaign.

Final Campaign Strategy

There’s little margin for error with SEO and you need to know exactly what you are doing at all times for it to work. This requires a detailed strategy mapping out the campaign, from beginning to end. We build this for you and present it to your team for final approval. From there, we are ready to execute growth.

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