What is Full Stack Development?

If you are a startup or running an established business and want to reduce you cost in hiring multiple developers. Then, choosing a full-stack developer with multi tasks handling can be a miracle for you.

Yes, it’s quite difficult to hire multiple web programmers or mobile app experts for your products especially when you have limited budget. In this case, it’s better to find a full-stack developer who can handle all development processes of an application, manage the project completely and work with in coordination.

The development process of any application passes with three layer of architecture-

– Presentation (Front-end part – User Interface)

– Business Logic (Back-end part – Data Validation)

– Database layer

A full-stack development involves all tiers from the inception of the idea to the actual product deployment. A remote web developer who is proficient in handling multiple stacks can be your ideal choice to save your cost, time of communication with multiple developers and make your product successful with one hand. Making a specialist work on various parts of the application becomes quite cumbersome and expensive in the way.

Why Should One Go For Full Stack Development?

Let’s find out why a company requires a Full Stack developer:

Radically Distinctive Code: Dedicated web developers with multi skills always write their own unique code for any simple or complex application. This talent keep them on the top of rest of the developers in the industry.

Proficient in Multiple Technologies: Hiring a full-stack developer means one person with multiple technologies than multiple persons with individual skill. A full stack developer has the expertise in creating backend database, designing front end, adding animations on screen, editing images in Photoshop and more. The benefit of hiring the remote developer is that it diminishes the dependency of the company on other technical programmers and thus helps furnishes their skillfulness.

What should be the proficiency of a Full Stack developer?
  • Must be able to write optimized front-end code in HTML, Java, Php, and JavaScript
  • Require to have a working knowledge of system infrastructure which will essentially include hardware and operating system
  • Need to know how to understand, create and query database
  • Should have capability of coordination with client and project management
  • Must be able to make use of API’s and writing backend code in Ruby, Python or Java
  • Must follow the networking and security techniques
What are you going to learn from a Full Stack Development Course?

As we mentioned above that why a full stack programmer is required and what skills they should have. In shorten, a full-stack coder is required to develop strategies for every part of web development service process. A full stack development course is essentially designed to acquaint you with the process of designing and development of complete websites from start to finish.

Learning how to work on frontend, backend, databases, testing, debugging, version control and other essential technologies is part of a full stack development course. The courses include theory as well as a practical implementation of concepts.

Common Technologies to be Proficient in for being a Full Stack Developer
  • Front-end- HTML, HTML5, CSS3, J-Query, JavaScript
  • Backend- Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, Angular2
  • Database- CouchDB, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Debugging/Version Control- Subversion, GIT, Grunt, Xdebug
  • Project Management Tools – Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Redmine, Teamwork

It’s time for full stack web development services that can help in growth with plenty of opportunities on the way. Today, full-stack programmers get attractive pay scales and various career advancement breaks. If you are a web coder with single skill, you should get the opportunity and go for full stack development services courses to become an all-rounder in multiple technologies including front-end, back-end, databases, debugging and project management etc.

You will know exactly how to link different tiers of the application to create a picture perfect web solutions. It is not just learning different technologies, but also experience in working on real projects that will help you become a master of all trades. Practice more to have that flavor of success.

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