How to Hire the Right Front-End Developer

So are you done with the task of hiring a front-end developer? But how can you ensure the front-end developer you found is perfect to convert your business requirements into the product? How can you confirm that your hiring process truly assesses their skills?

Web and mobile app development are the complex part that requires a lot of tools and resources with solid expertise. An interactive and lead-generating front-end always helps in good sales. So, it’s a crucial decision that you hire best reactJS developer or front-end developer.

There is one similarity between front-end developer and user interface developer/designer that both roles are very close or identical. You just need to find balanced skills for both. If you’re looking to hire the best front-end development talent, here’s a short guide that you can use to make the right choice.

Checking Technical Requirements
Front-end development requires mainly four basic languages – HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Before hiring you should check whether the front-end developer has skills in these languages.

It’s also great if the chosen front-end developer has additional expertise in new technologies like JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS or NodeJS and can handle huge systems. They should also be conscious of new design trends or JS frameworks to launch next big thing.

A front-end developer should understand the fundamentals of UX design.

Visual Design
Todays, customers don’t take much time to judge your website. They take immediate action to view a website of their interest because no one has time in this fast running world for only one task. Every second counts. So your visual design should be influenced and more attractive that can be viewed by your customers.

Another important thing comes about your site navigation that should be effortless. No one wants to scroll or click too much to view their required information. They just want it to get in single click with instant browsing. Your site navigation includes speed, optimization and accessibility.

You have to be ensured that your users should be engaged productively with your website content. The faster and easy accessible website will prevent high bounce rate.

A professional and simple typography can massively change the look and feel of your website. A simple but highlighted web-font gives an impressive look to your site.

Information Architecture
A well-defined structure of your website serves best to users. Make sure that the flow of information or structure should be readable for users where they are within your site and what their potential options are from here.

Checking Developer
Before hiring front-end developer, check his/her previous portfolios and new if he/she has something matching to your own.

Last but not least, they should write code with future mindset. A right front-end developer should avoid using abbreviations that can be misinterpreted.

Their well-designed website can make your business up and generate high revenue.

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