How Can You Drive Website Traffic & Sales With Blogging?

Today in competitive online market, it’s arduous to get success for a new business. There are several online marketing strategies that business owners are already following to get boom in their online sales. However blogging is one the best and effective marketing strategies that every business owners should do. Blogging is the best approach to flex your business industry, build a stronger and trusting relationship with clients and customers, and additionally get more visibility for your business but it’s time consuming task. It’s hard to devote or commit a few hours each month to smash out some blog posts and get them uploaded to the website. They can’t do by themselves.

That’s why most of the clients or business owners hire SEO Company or digital marketing Company to look their marketing strategies and follow perfect online marketing tactics to generate sales or ROI. Valuable blogs are for driving traffic to your website. Let’s take a look how it is beneficial for business –

#1. Email newsletters & automation

E-mail advertising has been recognised as an extraordinary powerful for rising brand attention in addition to sneaking in some extra income.

In 2019, the no. of email users global is anticipated to increase to 2.9 billion and it’s expected to rise to just double till 2021.  That’s indicating the huge demand of email marketing in upcoming years.

As per research, it is identified that a “welcome” automated email is the most effective content that helps generating high revenue compared to other promotional emails and customers spend 4 times of their normal expenses when buying through email than any other channel.

With these statistics, you can see an extra influx of traffic with a well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

So, where do blogs come into the equation?

Well, a successful email marketing campaign requires an engagement engaging. There are a few common denominators when it comes to successful campaigns:

– A catchy subject line

– A striking graphic design

– A personal touch (address the customer by the first name and share products they’re bound to be interested in)

– A promotion, if possible

– A slew of fun, informative and engaging content (hello, blogs!)

You can add latest blog posts in email marketing campaigns to show clients you’re the best in the business – you know how your products should be worn or used, you know all the best maintenance tips for your products, and you know how to get the most out of your products and services.

Your clients will like to know in detail and find this engaging content that you deliver in your newsletters!

#2. Social media

Finding a way to drive huge traffic to your website or online store? Social media can be your best friend. Your hired SEO Company or you can write blogs about any topic of your choice relevant to your service areas. But how it is engaged with social media and how you make your blog successful?

Well, no any blog that can be popular and get traffic without any promotional activities. Social media comes here.

Social media is not just promoting your blog on Facebook or share the stuff there. There are other trending social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, aboutme and more that help you grow your brand to an unimaginable scale on social media and bring traffic to your blogs as well.

The best Social Media marketing plan can be influential magnet to generate traffic on your website and make online brand reputation if the proper process can be followed. All you or your SEO team have to do is sharing the right content and implementing some great marketing tactics.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of social media advertising through Instagram, Facebook as well as SEO:

  • Use hashtags – Hashtags benefit getting thousands more followers, increasing no. of shares, engagement of new people.
  • Open your mind to link building and partnerships – It helps building relationships with other businesses, writers and influencers in your field.
  • Find a unique selling point – You need to figure out like what’s unique about your offerings? Why should clients be attentive in buying services or products from your store? It is important to get taste of your targeted customers before pouring it into blogs, page copy, and social media posts.

So, get writing and snapping great photos for your business! You never know who’s interested in hearing what you’ve got to say. By this way, blogs can draw people in through email and social media marketing and assist in lead generation & conversions?

Blog content creation is a priceless marketing strategy for all business, from eCommerce to lead generation. It’s a top inbound marketing plan for much traffic and high revenue.

In recent survey, it’s identified that companies or business owners who published 15+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than who published zero. Business-to-customer (B2C) companies who blogged 11+ times per month got more than four times as many leads than those who blogged 4-5 times.


Of course, we’re not suggesting you write zillions of blogs per month, but everyone has to start somewhere… and you’ve always got your friendly SEO team of Ardorsys to reduce your burden.

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