How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Netflix Clone Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Netflix Clone Mobile App?

As internet became a household phenomenon, 70-80 percent users are moving toward the digital media. This evolution from traditional media to a digital one has opened up a new market, one that is based on mobile devices and already has millions of users ready to be tapped up. Here, we are discussing the Netflix Clone Video Streaming App Development process thereby assisting, how you can successfully implement a video streaming mobile app like Netflix on your own.

Planning Stage:

Before you delve into the app development stage, stop for a second and think about a few points.

– Do you have a strong business model to make this venture of yours work?

– Do you have a high-quality content ready for your app? Content is the most important component of your system, or let us just say, it is the backbone of your venture here. The product you will be selling is not your app, it is the content, and if your content is of questionable quality or if it deviates from the preferences of your target/existing consumers, no amount of slick App Development can save your business.

– Do you know your targeted users? This is one of the most important bullet points to think over while in your planning stage. Knowing your targeted users not only allows you to curate your content, but also guides your design and colour schemes during the mobile app development stage.

Mobile App Development and Functionality:

Now that you have answered these questions, without further ado, let’s move on to the mobile app development stage. This is where your real work starts. Your targets, as well as competitors, are video-on-demand giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. So, what are the features that you must have in your app to entice users into your ecosystem?

Take a look at some essential features of a Netflix like mobile app at Why Netflix Clone Video Streaming App Development is Popular?

These features are a must for your video-on-demand app, features that are commonplace in market leaders, like Netflix.

Now that you have an outline of your Netflix Clone Video Streaming App Development process ready, let us take a look at how much strain will it put on your budget.

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Cost of Netflix clone app development

The Netflix clone video streaming mobile app development cost depends on various factors. Here are some as below:

  1. Platform

The cost of video-streaming apps like Netflix would rise in ascending order as you move from one platform, say Android or iOS to both Android and iOs, and then would be higher when you add the web into the mix.

  1. Features & Tech Stack

Depending on what combination of app features you consider also brings a difference in the cost of video streaming apps development.

Light – User registration, payment gateway, video gallery, social media integration, basic video player, search, and settings.

Medium – The light version features + localization, subtitles, advanced video player

Complex – Along with the features mentioned above – User profiles, ability to search for friends, push notification, chat, reviews, and comments.

  1. Geographical location of hired app developers

The average per hour cost demanded by different mobile application development agencies varies from East to West. While in the western nation like the USA or Australia, the average hourly rate would vary from $80 to $200, in Eastern nations like India, the cost would be somewhere around $25 to $80.


So, the right way to know the exact amount to be invested in the form of cost of on-demand video streaming apps development is to hire an On-demand app developer and discuss with them. If you are on the final decision of developing a video streaming mobile app or Netflix clone, you are at the right place. You can hire top mobile app developers remotely at Ardorsys and make your idea successful in less time.

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