What Are The Main Features of React Native for Mobile App Development?

Main Features of React Native for Mobile App Development?

As we all know that react native is becoming very popular and demanding framework for mobile app development services. The question is why?

Well, react native has made the mobile application development fast with cost reduction. Yes, it helps creating app for multiple platforms like iOS and Android with single codebase. App developers don’t need to write separate code for each platform. Thus, it saves development time and cuts the cost in hiring the individual native app developers.

Now the questions comes – Why to consider react native as first choice while sometimes native app development also saves the money? Does it have more features to consider?

Ofcourse, yes! In previous blog why to choose react native for hybrid mobile apps?, we shared about react native and its benefits. Here are some other benefits we are discussing in detail.

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Features of React Native

Let’s raise the curtain from the best features of react native.

Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the best feature of react native that native app can’t provide. It means learn once and write everyone. React native uses the single codebase to help iOS or android app developers for creating app for both platforms. An interesting part is that app developers can also reuse the code from web apps written in react or react-native-web.

In other words, web apps developed using react native can use their website front-end and convert it into mobile apps.

Improved UI/UX

UI/UX is the most important part of any website or mobile app to attract audience and get more traffic or visibility. A perfect and interactive UI doesn’t help only engaging users but also shows your brand. React Native is all about the mobile UI. User interfaces designed in React Native are more responsive and decrease load time. While it doesn’t have UI components library of its own still provides a smoother feel in UI.

Hot Reload

Hot reloading is the one that assists you to expedite development time and reload the app automatically whenever your code changes. React Native development comes here to enable this feature for you. The hot reload feature enabled by react native helps to show the updated UI Content, whenever the user saves anything in react native script or code. The changes are reflected in real time so user doesn’t need to wait longer for any update.


If you compare hybrid and native mobile applications, you will find that hybrid mobile apps are faster than native. It doesn’t require reloading of app data everytime because of hot reload. The technology and react native app development framework comes here to the picture to make process faster.

Cross Platform

With react native app development, you get the benefits of native performance, animations, and behaviour, without having to write Objective-C or Java. It is because react uses standard HTML tags and renders web components for you. In more technical words, React Native components render to real UI Views on iOS, while on Android, they’ll render to native Views.

React Native takes your application and runs it using the host platform’s JavaScript engine, without blocking the main UI thread. That’s the reason that other cross-platforms can never beat to react native for this level of performance.

Ease of Integration

React Native is great when you are starting a new mobile app from scratch. Hybrid apps leverage the device’s internal programming system through an overlay which helps to enable seamless synchronization with other compatible apps. This reduces the integration issues for developers. In turn, the hybrid apps work well with the device’s native applications such as camera, messaging, GPS, etc. to ensure a smooth user experience.

APIs and Third-Party Libraries

React Native has a small core library and relies heavily on third-party libraries such as native modules and JavaScript modules to fill in major aspects of functionality. It can easily hook to native modules.

App-store approval

You can host the bundle on your own server and do over-the-air updates. No need to go through the app store approval process.


In this article, you have already known that how much the react native is popular framework in the world right now due to its marvellous features. It has all the features like native feel, performance, speed, hot reload, third-party library API support, large community and backed by facebook summing up this makes react native is best for mobile app development.

There are several organizations and freelancers who are using react to fulfil client’s business needs and deliver a fast and interactive mobile application according to users’ behaviours. If you are looking for custom Android or iOS app development in less time, feel free to connect with us!

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