What are the Major Challenges You Face in AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure public cloud service provider and every company wants to be a part of it. Due to on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications and other IT resources, it’s ranking on number one for the eight years as the top IaaS provider in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In short, it is a commercially viable option for start-ups, Fintechs and other companies which are looking for small upfront investments in hardware.
But many businesses are still concerned about the issues they might face. Here are 5 challenges facing businesses looking to make the move to AWS:

Challenge 1: Skill set
AWS offers a highly configurable, feature-rich cloud service, but it has a steep learning curve. So it can be a big challenge for you to get skilled and started swiftly if your IT outsourcing team is small and new to AWS environment.

Challenge 2: Tech support
Amazon provides the technical support according to your timeline how quickly you want issues to be fixed. You can hire a dedicated technical manager for integrations and third party plugins supports if you are not tech-savvy. But the fees of AWS support vary on sliding scale tied to monthly usage, so pricing can be higher and grow quickly if you are a very heavy user.

Challenge 3: Control
It can be risky and good opportunity for hackers to steal your sensitive and proprietary data if you store them on external environmental. Despite successful use cases that Amazon provides, moving sensitive data and business pertinent environments to the public cloud can require authorization and extensive levels of bureaucratic red tape.

Challenge 4: Security and data protection
You can’t still be sure that your information, sensitive data is secure on a cloud environment while deploying. Naturally, as the adoption of cloud resources continues to grow, the risk of data breaches grows with it too. Closely tied in with security, is data protection. Many governments place strict data protection requirements on companies and standards audit schemes such as ISO-9001 place additional restrictions on firms.

Challenge 5: Performance and uptime
Performance and uptime have a direct effect on the bottom line. A fraction of a second on load time can lead customers to leave a site, costing sales. And if your site is down for even a few minutes it can affect not just the direct bottom line, but have a longer-term impact on SEO and brand reputation as well.

Here at The Ardorsys, we understand these challenges.

Why Ardorsys is here?
Highly experienced dedicated software developers at Ardorsys help businesses and users architect, deploy, maintain and automate solutions running on AWS and ensure that they get secure, optimized and robust solutions with the benefits of flexibility and scalability of AWS technology.

Our certified cloud server experts also provide dedicated 24×7 support, automation, monitoring and management to make sure that your AWS environments are well optimized, stable and secured. It reduces the cost of paying for AWS tech support and also your AWS compute spend, whilst getting the best possible results from top IT developers who can handle your all issues and make you stress-free to focus on your business.

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