Which Trail to Choose Migrating HTML Website to WordPress: Manual or Automated?

Which Trail to Choose Migrating HTML Website to WordPress: Manual or Automated?
Which Trail to Choose Migrating HTML Website to WordPress: Manual or Automated?

We all know that WordPress has become one of the most popular and trending CMS for any website. There is no doubt to the fact that over 35% of the websites on the web are developed in WordPress CMS.

While it is a blessing to have a WordPress website in your vanity, some sites are still hung up on the roots of HTML. Thus, as a website owner, you might consider ways to convert your HTML website to WordPress website.

It is fine to design a static HTML website however if you are looking for security, content management, etc. then converting your HTML based website into WordPress can be best choice which can secure your website future with hacks and malware.

Why to choose WordPress?

While you are thinking to convert your HTML website to WordPress, you definitely want to know that Why WordPress? Well, here are some benefits that can give answer to your questions –

  1. Themes: WordPress offers plenty themes which have already designed layout with many functionalities. You can choose any theme and just setup it by single click.
  2. Plugins and Widgets: The other main advantage of using WordPress is that it provides thousands of plugins and widgets to use as per your requirements and customize the features, add new options etc. These do not only help in improving website performance, but also contributes to adding useful features, seo benefits.
  3. WordPress is more popular among people because of its flexibility and reliability than any other CMS.

Now the question is how to convert your HTML website to WordPress.

There are several HTML to WordPress services that can reduce your burden and convert the website to WordPress. However the inquest is – which one to choose and which is the best for them.

Important things to consider while making the shift

Hosting Service: You have to purchase a hosting plan before you start. The requirements and configuration can be a bit different for the HTML site. It can either be done locally and later can be made live.

Code Editor: The user would require a code editor like Notepad++, Atom, Sublime etc.

Time and Capital: This is one of the most critical factors that the user needs to consider. The user can alternatively hire a developer for the task if he/she has the funds and wants to save time.

Ways to convert your HTML website to WordPress Website

In this article, we will help you to choose the best option and tool to convert your static HTML to WordPress.

If you want HTML to WordPress conversion manually, you have to enter into the code. WordPress development services that are done manually require the user to access the website directory and use existing code as a starting point. User would need to create main files and folders for WordPress theme and copy the bits of code from WordPress codex. This is the most straightforward step for the users who are well known with HTML, CSS and PHP.

It is wise to hire WordPress developer to work on website and convert it into WordPress if you are not aware of technical languages.

Steps involved in manually converting HTML to a WordPress Theme

  • Construct a theme folder and the necessary files. The very first thing that the user needs to do is create a new theme.
  • The next step is to prepare the WordPress stylesheet to copy the old site’s CSS.
  • Next, you need to separate the existing HTML into different pieces so that CMS can be put together
  • The header would devise to transfer the request for the style sheet from HTML to WordPress

After completing all the initial steps, you have to put a theme screenshot that coincidentally with the data from the stylesheet header would be able to work as a research of the website in the WordPress backend.

Looking for more options to convert your HTML website to WordPress? Follow our blog which technique is best to convert HTML website to WordPress: automated or manually to get your perfect option.

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