Which Technique is Best to Convert HTML Website to WordPress: Automated or Manually?

Which Technique is Best to Convert HTML Website to WordPress: Automated or Manually?
Which Technique is Best to Convert HTML Website to WordPress: Automated or Manually?

There is no doubt to the fact that WordPress has been sitting on the throne of most popular CMS for quite some time now. But what if you have an HTML website and are concerned about security and flexibility? Well, Revamping HTML website to WordPress website is best choice then. While it is perfectly ok to have an HTML based website (as HTML 5 is a substantial update), but migrating your HTML site to WordPress is like securing it from malwares and threats.

In previous article, you read an overview about manually html to WordPress conversion. Here you would learn how you can convert static HTML to WordPress by automated tools, and which tools are best for you.


There are thousands of tools there on the web that can make shift and convert website to WordPress. This choice is good if users are not familiar with the languages or do not have enough budget to hire web developers.

In this article, we are sharing some popular tools that would profoundly make their task easy. The user would be able to migrate their content from HTML to WordPress.

CMS2CMS Plugin: One of the most used and popular plugins that assist in migrating content from HTML to WordPress. It helps running the content from open-source platform soon after the HTML to WordPress migration and preserves SEO stats too. CMS2CMS plugin doesn’t only help in content migration but also moves the attachments such as images, videos, PDFs, etc. The plugin is available free on the web.

Pinegrow Theme Converter: This plugin assists users to edit the theme in favourite designer tool. Not only this, but it also offers a reasonable automatic conversion from HTML to WordPress theme. The user needs to add CMS features to HTML elements by assigning one or more WordPress action.


  • Go to the WP dashboard
  • See for the option that says “Add new” under the plugin option.
  • Type and then search for the plugin in the keyword search field, install it and then activate it.
  • Go to the settings option and then try to configure on converting the file
  • This would then provide the user with different options for destination URLs and choice of delivery methods.
HTML to WordPress conversion: Which process to opt?
HTML to WordPress Conversion Manually  Automated tools
Knowledge of PHP   The user should be familiar with PHP language The user does not require any knowledge of language as these plugins are pre made
CSS and HTML The user needs to learn CSS and HTML for unique design Plenty of pre made templates on home page
Efficiency The WordPress developer builds the site with the codes. Thus, it depends on the coder you hire. The functionality is added by different plugins created by different authors. Selecting the right one may take time
Formatting Modification in tables and the graphics can be done easily Since it is pre made, it becomes difficult to format stuff.
SQL Queries Requires additional syntax, thus queries can be difficult Does not require additional syntax
Learning Curve Since it is important to learn the language, the learning curve is more  The user needs no such need of the language, the learning curve is less
Non Standard Fields Can be done easily Has options to create additional fields
Cost Depends on the quality of the coder Depends on the premium plugins you want to buy

Source: WordPrax.com

Now you have a guide of each steps you take and benefits related to both techniques. The above guide will help you to figure out the best one according to your wish. It completely depends on requirements, budget and your knowledge. As per our opinion, manually HTML to WordPress conversion services are the best choice.

Why to hire WordPress developers for HTML to WordPress migration?

When you hire PHP developers for HTML to WordPress migration, you will get some benefits as below:

  • If you are not a technical person or from that background and do not know much about the functioning of WordPress – hiring a developer is the right choice.
  • A professional experienced web developer would be able to guide you to make the website function well and would help you to dodge mistakes.
  • You would have control of 100 per cent customization. This would help you to make your website unique and different.
  • An experienced WP developer would be able to understand exactly what the website owner wants.
  • The efficiency of the work is doubled, as it becomes a one-track goal.

All you need is an interactive and creative website with good performance. Only the website is that can fetch more audience and ROI for you in online market. So, choose the option wisely to migrate your website from HTML to WordPress or hire WordPress programmer to code and customize the website according to your needs.

If you are looking for HTML developers or HTML to WordPress experts that are efficient in their work, then Ardorsys is the organization for you. We provide our clients with some of the best web development services that help them in their future ventures.

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