How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Software Developer in 2021?


This is tech world and day by day new technologies are gaining ground. According to this change, it’s quite arduous to decide an estimate of the software development project without knowing the complete flow and criticality. With the new techniques and technologies in digital world, the cost of hire web developer or software developer is also increasing.

Most of software developers in India charge a standard price on per/hour basic for specific technologies until you require the new technologies or strategic technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT to work on.

Another effect is on the cost of full time or freelance software developer. There is no doubt that freelancers or part time web developer are less costly than full time or full stack dedicated software developers, but they are good to hire only if you have small business requirements.

If you are running an eCommerce, enterprise level or large software development project, hire full time software developer to fulfill your key requirements. As they work remotely with different suggestions to serve a best product for your end users.

Let’s raise the curtain on what are the cost factors that impact hiring a software developer.

Cost Factors of Hiring Dedicated Software Developers

Hiring a dedicated software developer for a project has many cost factors such as:

– Design skills

– Technology including

– Conceptual thinking

– Industry experience

– Usability and scalability

– Testing

– Support

– Devoted time, etc.

An experience and professional software developer helps you in most positive way for your software development project by preparing wireframe, design, code, end product. But all these things require cost and efforts.

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Here is the list of some cost factors of hiring great developers for a software development project.

  • Type of Software: Common Platform Vs. Specialized Platform

The major part of a software development budget includes the software type you want to develop. An experienced software developer on latest strategic technologies like AI, AR/VR, IoT, game development, etc always serves with the high cost. An automated and complex process for enterprise web applications is also costly.

There are several types of software with own price setting. Some of the common types of software applications are:

eCommerce development

Game development

Product Management

Desktop software development

Scripting & automaton

QA & Testing

Web development

Enterprise application development

Mobile app development

API development

IoT application development

Data analytics and science

  • Scope of the Software Development Project

The Software development services includes backend development and front-end development or both. So when you hire a software developer, experience in backend technologies quote more price than frontend developers. A web developer’s cost is based on experience, location and technical knowledge.

You may get ready to shell more money if you are looking a software developer for hire to develop your software with high demanding languages, complex technology or custom codes and backend. The cost is automatically high with the complexity.

The scope of a software development project has many categories and each category requires a specific time and work. These categories include APIs, databases, hosting environment and application size that affect the cost of hiring a software developer.

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  • Time and Location

IT services are not location-centric. Today, IT is not location-centric. Technology are spreading far and wide year by year. It’s all about experience and talent a software developer has in.

There is no specific range for business owners to get their work done at reduced cost. They are able to explore the geographical boundaries and hire dedicated software developer of their choice at a fair price.

There might be some challenges about time zone and language to speak but those can be handled smartly with a proper planning and analysis to get quality software development services.

  • Hiring Software Developers Vs. Outsourcing

It’s good option to hire part-time software developer or freelancer to build a small website or system. However if you have a complex project that require multiple resources, along with technical expertise in different areas of domain, then outsource your project to a custom software development company in India to get your cost reduced.  It will not only save your time of monitoring multiple freelancers with different time zone but also reduce the stress of explaining the tasks to all.

Software Sourcing: Tips for Hiring an Outsourcing Team

You are the boss of an outsourcing team where they will work for you to make your project successful. Here are a few tips on how to hire software development company-

  • Background of the Outsourcing Company – Before hiring an outsourcing company, you need to figure out how long they are offering IT services from. Check their references, portfolios, previous client testimonials, skills offering, team size and location.
  • Technical Expertise – When outsourcing your project to a software development company, you need to ask what type of tools and technologies their developers use. Tech specialization is the key to success in software application development.
  • Project Delivery and Post Delivery Support – Before you hire an outsourcing team, you must define the scope of the project, along with factors such as:

Timeline: Timely analysis of the deadline and accountability

Handling bugs and issues: Check for bugs in software and spend adequate time testing the software

Maintenance: Find out technical discrepancies in the project and provide help at later stages

Assistance: Address scalability and usability as the software grows

Billing: Billing only after achieving set milestones

So, there are several things need to check before outsourcing your project to a software development solution provider. Outsourcing a large and complex project to an IT company will reduce your cost, time stress and help building a perfect product.

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