How IoT Will Affect Lifestyle in Upcoming Days

In a latest research, it’s found that industries could be disrupted by emerging technologies. Like, if we talk about IoT (Internet of things), it is also supposed to disrupt automobiles, telecom-media technology and retail. It’s not mandatory that all disruptive technologies will give you result. These are different stages of maturity and bracketed into four disruptive technologies –

Table Stakes

Let’s shed light on above technologies.

1. Table Stakes – This comes with “receiving high investment and generating strong impact today”. These have reached on first stage of business maturity but remain enthusiastically inventive and challenging to master. These technologies consist of cloud computing, data and analytics.

2. Strategic Technologies – The strategic bucket includes trending technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML), IoT (Internet of things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s about receiving substantial investment today in search of strong impact tomorrow.

IoT is the most intelligent, immersive and innovation of all digital technologies that will be universal in upcoming time. After web development and mobile app development services, IoT will take control over the technology world and impact more on our lifestyle from our living to personalized medicine.

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On the other hand, Blockchain also holds potential. The blockchain applications will continue to expand with the days and receive investments across multiple sectors like logistics, retail, financial services and technology. The use cases extend beyond crypto-currency”.

3. Maturing Bucket – It’s about those that generate strong impact with less investment. The maturing bucket includes social networking, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and collaborating technologies.

4. Nascent Bucket – The bucket involves generating serious impact with lesser levels of investment. Digital transformation technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are the future stars of Nascent.

It’s identified in a recent survey that IoT could disrupt automobiles, TMT (Telecom media technology) and retail. While AI is expected to discupt financial services, TMT and healthcare. Robotic process automation could disrupt financial services, TMT and retail.

According to an above overview and latest report, the statement is released that Adoption of multiple digital technologies by different enterprises will impact on consumer’s privacy and steal the personal data. $1.57 million was the average cost of data breaches in India in 2017. Further, a data breach could ruin the reputation of an organisation, thereby affecting their business,” it states.

The report found that 57 percent of companies which have commenced work on digital transformation do not have a digital risk strategy yet. Among emerging technologies, IoT is perceived to pose the highest data privacy risk.

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