Full-stack vs. Specialized Developer – Whom to Hire?

Are you a startup or established business? Are you looking for someone who can handle multiple tasks by his own or specialized in specific job? You might be surprising if I say that hiring the full-stack developer is best choice instead of a few specialists who are experienced to handle each development process layer separately.

There are a few organizations who even ensure that no full stack developers exist at all or no one have the capabilities of handling all layers of stack!

Is it true?

Offcourse not!


There are many geniuses who are truly having skills of managing multiple tasks and working as full-stack developers. According to a StackOverflow survey, 28% of developers consider themselves full-stack web developers.

A full-stack development process works on all footsteps from beginning of the idea to the actual deployment. A full-stack programmer makes his/her place here to be more proficient upon working on multiple stacks. Full stack coders are generally “jack of all trades, master of none” types. They are capable of finding the solution with extensive thoughts and coordinating all parts of process. An experience web developer who works on various parts of the application, becomes quite cumbersome and expensive in the way.

On the other hand, a specialized web developer for each layer can be good choice if the job tasks are on large scale and you have confined time to complete your product/application. You can’t be dependent on one multi-tasks handling developer. You have to hire specialized developers to manage all process together in short period.

Let’s break down certain circumstances when you should hire a full-stack developer and when it is better to hire specialists in certain areas.

When to Hire Full-stack Developers
  1. When You Are Just Ready to Start

Hiring a full stack developer is a best practice when you are just starting out and create a new web project. An experienced coder can provide you solution from scratch and lay out all application components where they need to be. The full-stack coder can look into the complete development of a project and coordinate work progress in all parts.

  1. When You Are in Demand of a Technical Head

If you have enough development team but not a technical leader who can guide the team, hiring a full-stack developer can be a good option. Software development is like a bus without a driver, it will go into random, undesirable places. So having in-charge for the team is necessary to manage all tasks and put all the elements together.

  1. When Cost is a Constraint

If you are constrained by cost and not capable of hiring specialized developers for separate layers, you should hire full-stack programmer. Your web development process can be slow by a single programmer in comparison of skilled individuals who are focused on specific areas. However, it will save your cost, communication time with different developers.

When to Hire Specialized Developers
  1. When You Are Growing

It’s a good practice to hire specialized developers when your organization or business is on boom. You should start creating your team, bringing on board more developers who are possibly specialized in certain areas.

  1. When a large development team is already there

You should start interviewing or hiring more specialized web developers when you have some coders working on your application already and it reaches on certain scale.

  1. When the work only requires knowledge of a single layer

Let’s make it simply understand with an example. You want to create a static website without the backend or need an API service to create, you should hire the front-end or backend developer only. It’s wise to choose more professional dedicated developer to handle an individual task and cover all your needs.

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 Characteristics to look in a full-stack developer

Now, you all are set to decide whether full-stack developer to choose or specialized developer. A full stack coder can fulfil your all requirements on single hand with multiple benefits however how to decide that which skills or technology stack you are in need of. Here are some characteristics you need to look into a full-stack developer –

Has an area of expertise

You need to identify business and customer needs and decide which focused web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, web server deployment, database etc you demand. It will be easy for you to choose the full-stack developer with an area of expertise according to your requirements.

Knows one language, not all

Many of developers try to learn all that they can however it’s quite difficult to keep focused on specific technologies. You need to figure out that what language you are requiring for your application and if the developer you choose has the knowledge of that particular language, you can go ahead with.

Irons out the kinks

When you’re clear on your fundamental, all else become easy. Full-stack developers need to be comfortable with both the back end and the front end development. The base of most web development is JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You should be able to create the link between each piece of the puzzle. It’s not about knowing single pieces of information; it’s about connecting the dots.

Jack-of-all-trades, King of one

When you hire a full-stack programmer, you should explore about his skillset or technologies he is experienced. No everyone can be perfect in all technologies however the developer you choose should be master and more comfortable in what technologies he has experience in.

Where to find a qualified full stack developer?

The biggest challenge in hiring full-stack developers or team is where to find them. It can be one of the following:

In-house team

If you have good place and want to monitor the development team you hire, then this is the most traditional collaboration model. You can hire in-house team from same country, city and set the salary according to their local cost of living.

Remote nearshore collaboration

This collaboration model is good if team is located in the same or slightly different time zone in another city or country. You can remote them with occasional onsite visits.

Remote offshore team

If you are often tight on budget or don’t have enough time to keep an eye on team everytime, this option is good. In this model, the full stack developers are located in different time zone and continent. Sometimes you never meet the team members. However, you can get reasonable prices stipulated by the cost of living in an offshore country.

Distributed team

You have to choose this option wisely if you are good in management of time, communication and more on same time. There is no head office and all employees are dispersed all over the world, across the different time zones.

Go, Get Your Ideal Full Stack Developer Now

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So, what are you waiting for? Now go and get your full stack developer at your end who have all the familiar technology proficiency to build your project.

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