How to hire a dedicated team of developers?


More and more ISVs and SMEs decide to hire the dedicated development team. Often, they’re encouraged by the competitors’ success and positive experience. Sure, many of the software companies are familiar with this process. But how to start if you’re doing it for the first time and what’s even more important, how to make the right choice?

These all aspects are important, we will give you some general advice on hiring a dedicated development team and the process of finding dedicated developers who’ll become a valuable addition to your business.

How developers can be hired?

Hire from a well-settled company

outsourcing is a common practice for small and midsize companies that can’t afford their developers. Hiring a dedicated development team has become synonymous with software outsourcing, though slight differences exist. Dedicated teams of various sizes and skills are usually available for one specific long-term project. Whatever you plan to produce – a website, a top mobile app development or a game, with this model of cooperation you’ll have a full control over the process, while staying mobile in business decisions.

Hire team of developers by a word of mouth

However, the most  important thing  is that the technology stack differs much from the mobile app and web development, building a payment gateway or delivering a business analytics solution. Thus said, even if the dedicated software development team in question was able to deliver a great service to your friend, they might not be able to do the same for you… yet they can introduce you to the one who can. Here at Ardorsys we know this is quite an efficient approach, as around 70% of our customers are referred to us by our previous clients and partners.

Contact to developers team on social media

One more way to contact to the software development teams is contacting them through the social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. These resources have thematic groups where these developers can be found. You can post your project description there and ask for help, contacts of the worthy contractors or at least a repost.

Meeting team of software developers at conferences and meetups

In order to remain competitive, the software developers should always continue their self-education and professional growth. This is why good software development teams often participate in various conferences, meetups. which are well-covered in the mass media and social media. Attend such events in your city — or neighboring IT hubs. Talk with the participants, and they will either be able to help you or will point you in the right direction.


In many ways you could find developers but this is not confirmed whether they are good at their work or not so it is recommended that it is better to hire developers from a software company rather than freelancer and from social media. You can not find work of unknown developers that are hired from social media and upwork but if you are hiring dedicated developer from a software company then you can check their portfolio and team.

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