What Things to Avoid When launching An App?

Are you finished with your Mobile app development process and looking for thousands of app downloads now? Definitely, you want audience to find your mobile application and download it to use with great features. Nevertheless there are various mistakes that novices make when launching a new mobile app.

Here are some major mistakes that you should avoid to save cost and time when launching an app:

You wait too long to market

You hire android mobile app developer or iPhone app developer for your app to develop and launch it.You are expecting thousands of downloads as soon as your iOS or Android mobile app goes live in app store but there are too many similar apps competing for user’s attention already. As per recent report, approx. 2.47 million apps are on Google play and 1.8 million apps are on Apple’s App store. So to be more precise, you’ll be challenging with this calculation.

You can expect more competition even tighter each month with new launching and upcoming apps. If you don’t have unique and killer marketing plan for your Android or iPhone app marketing, your potential audience will hardly discover your app. Your perfect strategic marketing plan must start before your app’s actual launch.

Below is an overview of proper marketing strategy to execute for your app.

Source: Smart Insights


You’re looking for “growth” hacks

Everyone finds short and effective hacks or smart tactics to stay on top for long-term. However, there is no such kind of things. Still you can do certain things to get a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors to increase sales.

  • Become the top at understanding your customers or audience.
  • Do market research, interview your target users, understand as much as possible to find out what they search for in app and what drives them to download your mobile app.
  • Track to see which features and solutions users browse more so you can incorporate into your app.
  • You also need to beef up your marketing, from the pre-launch phase until after you release your app.
  • You need to continue creating buzz, by providing latest updates even when you reach the top of the charts. Otherwise, they may lose interest in the long run and, your app will be the first to go from their mobile phones.
  • Your app’s download figures shouldn’t be the sole basis of your success. It’s not necessary that if you’re getting tons of downloads, your app is being used. Users can uninstall or leave app if they don’t find relevant to their interest. High app abandonment figure can cause a problem on your hands.
  • Grow your mobile application and user retention by utilizing in-app messaging. These visual notifications are triggered by how users are using your app, helping direct them on what they should do next. This strategy can encourage your users to explore your app further, discover its unique features and even use it more often.

This can then improve your user retention and revenue.


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