How Voice Search Will Affect The Role of SEO in 2020?

All marketers are moving towards voice search. Today, 20-30% of search queries are vocal. Google predicts that by 2020, 50 percent of global searches will be voice dependent.  It’s an emerging trend of search that plays an important role in SEOs too. Voice search is a speech recognition technology that make searching easy by speaking terms than typing a single word in search field in Google. There is no doubt to say that in upcoming days, voice search will be using in 50-60% websites and mobile apps for driving huge traffic and ROI.

Difference between web search and voice search

Let’s have a brief about difference between web search and voice search –

Conversational Feature: In web search, you can’t have a proper conversation. You just type your query and get results. Sometime results do not match to your exact query so, you tweak your search keywords to find more accurate data. While in voice search, people speak direct questions and voice search narrated the results to you accordingly.

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Language friendly: When you type in search field, you have limited languages encrypted on keyboard. With voice search, you generally talk in your mother tongue and get results. Google and various other voice devices are working on integrating Indian Languages for great market opportunity.

Time consumption: In typing a search phrase, you spend more time than speaking. You need to type search query every time as per your relevant answers and hit the backspace, search button. While in voice search app, you just speak your query in less time and get quick search results.

The search consists of long keywords: In a voice search query tends to be verbose i.e. longer keywords compared to a web search query.

Result accuracy rate for queries: Voice search helps getting more specific, relevant search results from the best optimized webpage. It makes search results very narrow to get accurate data.

How the voice search trend affects your SEO strategy?

As we read above how voice search is more effective technique than web search. Let’s have a look now on how it will change your content strategy, and what you can expect to come in the world of content and SEO.

With the growing technologies, SEO professionals are also keeping eyes on voice search. They are helping optimizing websites according to user perspective that are –

  • 80% users are familiar with mobile devices and using voice search for their phrases. So, mobile first indexing comes here.
  • Voice search queries are longer and engaging than typing based query. The top SEO service company will have to emphasis nesting keywords in conversation tone and language. Write as you would speak.
  • Voice searches mostly work for location searches. So, SEO experts should focus on location based keywords optimization.

Thus, Keyword search is completely changed according to voice search and ready to be typed. It doesn’t help improving search performance but also increases brand awareness, online shopping and revenues.

Our best SEO consultants at Ardorsys help optimizing your website for voice search and move one step ahead of the competition to see your brand popularity in the long run.

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