Launching Mobile App? Some Common Mistakes to Avert

There are several apps launching everyday with similar or unique concept. However an important thing is how you can stable in this competitive market and what digital marketing plan will take your growth on hike.

Well, there is no smart tactics or hack that can give you immediate results and increase sales. But some common mistakes that you can avoid after mobile app development when you launch the app. Here are some as below-


You don’t soft launch

You can’t get thousands of downloads or users in short period if you don’t release prior notice or announce before launching.  First, start by targeting a small market than the whole world. Choose the market that is less competitive than others but still have high no. of downloads or purchasing power. This way, you can test the app’s lifetime value (LTV), retention and revenue potential.

You can also do soft launches in market with low cost per install (CPI) to do technical tests. This will help you identify issues, crashes, bugs or other mistakes with your app and fix them prior to launch in main market.

By this way, you can avoid the rejection by app store, as most of the time it declines applications because of too many customer complaints.

While this approach may take more time, it’s well worth it when you get the user testing and feedback you need.

You don’t collect data from day one

Many mobile app developers or app owners don’t collect user data from day one after launching as they think the less users data is not enough or useful for them. This is the big mistake they do. You should collect as much user data as possible when launching and app. It doesn’t help you only to understand only specific targeted audience but also reduce cost of acquisition by targeting a certain demographic with certain interests. Get clear about your most important metrics or data starting with the soft launch.

You have to put detailed app tracking in place before launching app to make sure you get complete information. To be more precise, make sure you’re tracking the links of your marketing campaigns with a tool that has a deep linking feature.

You buy ads from day one

When you launch app, you start advertising online or offline immediately via Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc. You need a funnel or analytics in place to track the actual user’s traffic.  Without having this, you are just burning money. Study your funnel first and test that the funnel is working and converting to users.

Otherwise, see where people are dropping out of your funnel and make the necessary tweaks.

Your landing page is not optimized for all devices

If you’re looking to get downloads, you want your users to understand and use your landing page on mobile and tablets, as well. So, start building your landing pages or SEO marketing materials properly that can well work on all devices. It’s called mobile responsive design. So, make sure users across all devices can easily browse your landing page, input their email addresses and read your landing page content.

You’re going into a competitive market without a unique product

If you are going with same concept into market that is already running, you’re just burning money and time. With a proper market research, only you can understand that how you can give a unique app to users after development is completed.

Start research, interview your target audience, and understand their behaviors during beta version of app. Track your competitors, understand their strategy, services, and features and why they are stable in market. This way you can identify what is it about the app that makes it a hit among users? Which of its features can you improve upon? What value can you add? Is there a market they are not currently serving that you can cater to?

Make sure you have something solid to offer, and a robust marketing plan in place, if you wish to stand out in crowded mobile app categories.



With above suggestions, you can save yourself from hours of trial and error.  You can maximize your marketing budget. Understanding your users is the main competitive benefit that you can consider in initial process of mobile app development.

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