What Is WordPress Multisite and Who Should Use It?

What Is WordPress Multisite and Who Should Use It?
What Is WordPress Multisite and Who Should Use It?

There are many content management system that helps manage your website content easily and fast. WordPress is one of the best content management system (CMS) which is very popular among all of them to create your own website or blog. Now the question is what is WordPress? Let’s have a brief about WordPress first –

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is easy to use or modify the structure for free. It’s a software or tool which helps managing important aspects of our website such as content, images etc. without knowing programming. In a survey, it’s identified that more than 34% websites are created by WordPress developers or clients in WordPress.

WordPress has too many features which are not hidden by users. It’s depends on what you get with this CMS. Have you heard about its multisite feature? What is WordPress Multisite? How it helps to create Multisite network in WordPress?

In this blog, you will find about what exactly WordPress Multisite is and how is it fruitful to you?

What is WordPress Multisite?

Launched in June of 2010, WordPress Multisite is the best feature into WordPress CMS if you want to manage multiple websites from single installation of WordPress. The featured needs to be flipped on when you want to create a network of blogs or website on single installation. In other words, WordPress Multisite is one such solution created for this explicit purpose.

WordPress multisite feature is not available directly on dashboard. It is also not a plugin or theme that can be introduced to your site by installation. So, whenever you are going to use it, you need to know for which website you actually need multisite feature because it doesn’t have universal applications.

WordPress multisite solution is not a simple feature that can manage easily like WordPress drag and drop or similar features. It created a layer of complexity with special attention for security and performance, so your website can be safe and fast for your target audience.

The most attractive part of this solution is that you have worked on WordPress before, the  it will be a minimul learning curve with Multisite as it works like the rest of WordPress after enabling. However there are some differences between WordPress and its Multsite feature. Here are some as below –

  • WordPress Multsite requires files such wp-config.php and .htaccess to update and enable this feature.
  • One super admin is there for WordPress Multisite that controls all sites, themes and plugins within a network to add, update, delete. The admin of each site within a network can use the tools only they are given access of but they can not modify anything.
  • Themes, plugins, core updates are easier to update in all websites in a Multisite network.
  • There will be some differenced with the database files because all websites are running in a single instance of WordPress.

The better solution to integrate Multisite network is that you should hire professional WordPress developer who has well expertise in WordPress and aware of implementing multisite network for your blogs.

Who Should Use WordPress Multisite?

You first need to be aware that WordPress Multisite can be time-saving feature for your web development services but it will not be suited for every website. Here’s what you need to know about the two before you move on in your decision to use WordPress Multisite:

There is no doubt to say that WordPress Multisite solution allows you to manage several websites on single instance but these websites must all reside on the same network. Therefore, they share server resources, have the same IP address, and, for the most part, will be relegated to a subdomain or subdirectory of the main network’s website.

As we know that the feature allows to manage various websites from single dashboard and it always cost money to use. However, you get an additional benfits of security and performance monitoring & management. You can have custom domain for each website as well as manage websites from different web servers.

Let’s take a look at the specific use cases of WordPress Multisite to decide whether this is the right multi-site management solution for your needs.

  • When you want single sign-on access to and management of all your sites from a single dashboard.
  • When you want to outsource the day-to-day management of your network’s websites to other admins, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • When you have a related network of WordPress sites you can manage from the same WordPress installation and server. This usually means websites belonging to a single client.
  • When you (a web developer or designer) want to show off examples of your web-related work and want to do so not with screenshots, but with a fully functioning website that exists as a subdomain on your own main site.
  • When you want to create different branches of a website and allow them to use their own unique subdomain, theme, management team, etc.
  • When you want to monetize or just incrementally grow a website by enabling others to create their own websites on the network.
  • When you want to cut down on the costs of paying for multiple web hosting plans for websites that could easily be stored together (though you do still have to think of the costs of upgrading server space to accommodate for that).
  • When the websites in your network share many of the same plugins and themes. This means less stress on your server as only one installation of each plugin or theme is needed for the entire network. This also means less work for you as you only need to install plugins or themes once, no matter how many websites use them.
  • When you want to streamline the updates process for all your WordPress sites as the core, plugins, and themes will only need to be updated for the network, not for the individual sites.

Source: https://wpbuffs.com/wordpress-multisite


In this blog, you read about WordPress Multisite, its benefits and useful applications for WordPress developer or WordPress development company. It helps handling multiple websites better from one dashboard. If you are planning to create a multisite network in one location with additional features of security and performance monitoring, connect with our top WordPress development team and release your pressure with us. You will get an affordable and quality solution from us.

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