Freelancers and Remote Developers Rate Trends in 2021

Today, it’s a digital world and with this digital transformation, traditional work forms are going to disappear whereas the choice of freelancing and remote developer hiring has become the most powerful alternative. Remote work and freelancing not only help find multiple developers at the same time but also shape the future of the work of startup businesses.

There is no doubt to say that an increasing demand for freelancing and remote work will pertain to all industries in upcoming years due to tech advancement and new opportunities. Additionally, businesses that are looking for brand presence online will create vacancies for remote work and expand the demand for freelancers’ services as well.

Several businesses are struggling to find the best web developers or mobile app developers according to the requirements who can join their team and work remotely on their project.

In a recent survey, it identified that the shortage of tech professionals is increasing day by day. The reason is that either companies are unable to find most professional IT developers or unable to pay the higher cost according to their skills. Every unfilled IT position costs sales, burdens companies’ growth and slows down the necessary digital transformation. Ultimately, this is a threat to the competitiveness of the entire country.

Here, this is the great opportunity for companies to hire remote developers in India and more professional IT freelancers who ate are able to understand your requirements quickly and ready to start work on project more efficiently. It’s also a golden chance for dedicated web developers to show their expertise and past experience at large scale.

Freelancers and Remote Developers Rate Trends

So what can freelancers expect in 2021?

When it comes to hiring freelance or remote developers, we get the question: how much does it cost to hire a dedicated web developer? Clients are curious to know the typical rates for developers at their experience level. Because they need to figure out a realistic budget before hiring a freelance developer to avoid paying too much or offering too little.

Different types of developers in IT industry will charge different amount per hour or fixed as per their expertise. Remote developers who meet certain criteria and quality standards will charge more on average than less experienced developers on freelancing platforms like Upwork and others. You need to set your expectations and move one step ahead to initiate the process of hiring the right web programmer.

Freelance Rate Explorer

We are here to explore freelance rates to help companies like you to familiarize with current freelance market rates. We’ve previously studied how much freelance developers cost around the world.

With their expertise and flexibility, freelancers effectively counter the shortage of skilled workers and with this high demand for freelancers, their hourly rates are expected to continue to rise.

According to the study, freelancers working in the IT services are charging minimum 40$ per hour to $115 / hour worldwide. The study also shows that 44% of all surveyed freelancers were planning to increase their rates in 2020.

Let’s raise a curtain from the freelancing rates as per different type of developers.

Front-end vs Back-end

The range of hourly cost for backend and front-end developers starts from $40 and goes above $100. Front-end developers are charging high because of increase in JavaScript front-end frameworks and libraries such as Angular, react. On the other hand, backend developers are also not behind the front-end developers in hourly cost. Here is a graph representing the higher and lower hourly charges by developers in these days.


Web vs Mobile

If you see the graph, you can identify that what ranges web developers demand most. A highly experienced web developer charges 40$-80$ according to the requirements while some of them requires the hourly cost between 140$ to 160$ according to project length, time duration and efforts.

There are many mobile developers range in the $40-120 as per scope of work.

JS Frameworks

Node.js — this is the most trending and running framework which keeps extensive libraries, fast performance and scalability. Node.js developers fell mostly into the $60-80 range, with a good amount of representation in the middle ranges.

React.JS — It is a fast, easy to debug, seo-friendly framework. ReactJS is becoming the popular framework due to its reusable components. ReactJs developers charge 40$ to 80$ most while some more talented react.js developers work remotely in range of $80-100.

Angular.js developers are largely congregated in the first range, with the average hourly rate and the median hourly rate of $60-80. Angular.js developers are less expensive than Node.js and React.js developers, with more developers in the $40-60 range to choose from than the $60-80 range and fewer developers in the $140-160 range.


In this blog, you found an average rate falls between $40-80 for all types of developers. So if you are looking to hire remote developers or freelancers, talk to us here. We have a large team of developers with great skills and experience.

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