How Much Does It Cost to Hire A NodeJS Developer?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A NodeJS Developer?
cost to hire nodejs developer 2020

So you are looking to hire Node.JS Developers for your next project. But the question is where to find right programmer. It might be quite tough job for you to find best Node.JS developers for hire but it actually isn’t.

Well, you need to sharpen your research and consider the main key points that will help you find the right web developer for Node.JS development services. You must know that a Javascript coder can also work on NodeJS platform as most of them know the pattern of writing codes for the server and client-side apps. It makes your hiring process easier. Here are some more tips to look into before you hire node.js developer online.

What skills must a node.js developer possess?


  • Understanding of Design thinking
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript
  • Strong proficiency in Node.js
  • Must have an understanding of asynchronous processing, parallel programming, and functional programming
  • Must have an understanding of various delivery platforms (mobile and web)
  • Proficiency in front-end technologies
  • Must have skills of integrate modules and debug existing bugs

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What Practical skills are required in a node.js developer?
  • Must be skilled and experienced in working with both front-end and back-end of a web development project.
  • Must know about NPM and Github type repositories. The aspirants should have experience in assembling sections of codes from these repositories according to project requirement.
  • Must be skilled and experienced in developing server-side application logic.
  • Familiarity with the implementation standards across the company platforms.
  • Must be proficient in handling long-term support system such as cobra 8.9.0.
  • Skilled in developing back-end application capable of connecting to third-party web services.
  • Must be familiar with different protocols besides HTTP, like XMPP server/client, peer to peer protocols, etc.
  • Able to solve problems using tools like Prometheus if something goes wrong in the application.
  • Must be able to integrate front end and back end applications.
  • He must also have knowledge of data storage solutions.
  • The Node.JS developer you hire should have experience in Node security. There is more security risk from server-side JavaScript injection, and malware for your applications. NodeJs involves JavaScript that helps developers keeping security threads away.
  • Familiarity with other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Veu.JS, Koa will be a great help.
Things to avoid when hiring nodejs developer

Do not limit search regionally – Generally, companies or individuals look for web developers only in their region area and limit their search. This minimal search bounds them to reach more talented developers in other region or country. You must know that technologies are not developed for places. It reaches beyond the limit. You should broaden your approach to hire the right developer.

You can hire nodejs programmers from any country including US, Australia, UK, Europe, etc. Offshore web developers are as skillful as they are in your home country. If you have limited budget, you can find the developers in other countries like India, Philippines, etc. where highly skilled developers can serve you their expertise at very reasonable cost.

Provide specific job description – It’s essential to provide proper and clear description of your web development services requirement. It will help to understand responsibilities and requirements clearly for the right programmer. A specific and highly elaborate job detail saves your precious time and helps making your selection process quicker and easier.

Preparing a flawless questionnaire – You should be prepared with the right questions to ask in the interview with the candidate that are more specific to your project needs. The relevant questions will help you judge him/her on technical for your project.

Knowing the common mistakes in Node.JS – You must be aware of common mistakes that developers make while creating node.js applications. Apps and programs developed on nodejs are different from other technology based programs. Event loop blocking, not using supervisor programs are some common mistakes that should be avoid with an advanced strategic thinking.

What is the cost to hire a nodejs developer?

Let’s come back to the original question we started with; how much does it cost to hire a Node.JS developer? There are several freelancers, web and mobile app development companies in India, USA, and Australia or across the globe which make your hiring process easier and provide an option to hire a dedicated developer for your project.

Developers from different countries provide variations in pricing for mobile app and website development. It is because of high-value legal tender in some countries while other countries like India, Vietnam and Philippines are affordable to outsource your work.

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If we look into an average pricing of Node.js developers in developed nations, here is what they range in –

US: $78,000 – $111,374 per year

Australia: $90,000 per year

UK: $48,500 – $84,000 per year

Germany: $40,000 – $50,000 per year

While Nodejs developer in India charges between $10,000 – $25,000.

When hiring Node.js developers, you should consider hourly rate as well. The hourly rates are different as per engagement types such as temp, part-time, and freelance.

  • Hourly fixed rates of Freelance Node.js developers (1-2 year experience) = $20-$45 per hour
  • Hourly fixed rates of Freelance Node.js developers (Higher Experience) = $30-$65 per hour

The full-time hired developers may charge different rates if you want to someone who is available on-site versus fully remote. So the cost varies on several factors.

The Evidence is Conclusive

Nodejs developers are turning out to be the most coveted resources for app development agencies globally.  So, hiring programmer can be a challenge but following the above practices can help you choosing the best developer in terms of high experience and skills. You should consider your budget too while hiring an experience nodejs developer.

We at Ardorsys assist you choosing the right developer with affordable price. Our developers work are here to work with flexibility at your convenience whether you prefer part-time, full-time or hourly basis. Look for Nodejs developers beyond your region, let’s work together!


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