Why to Choose NodeJS Development Services for Your App?

Why to Choose NodeJS Development
Why to Choose NodeJS Development

Are you looking to hire a web developer for your web project? Which framework or scripting language to choose for a backend solution? You must be aware of choosing the more secure, fast and asynchronous technology that can help to make the development process fast and handle requests easily in less time. NodeJs is one of the most commonly used and preferred frameworks these days which revolves around initializing variables, declaring functions and waiting for the events to occur. You need to understand about Node.JS platform deeply and whether it will be useful for your project or not.

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What is Node.js?

NodeJs is a server-side lightweight platform that helps to build server and network applications through an open-source, JavaScript run-time environment. This framework is a non-blocking that runs on Google’s V8 JS engine and is considered faster than many other server-side languages like Ruby, Python, and Perl.

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NodeJS is one of the most fruitful frameworks for web programmers and benefits from lack of context switching and re-usability of code. Its most notable feature is that it allows coders to develop fast and scalable front-end and back-end network solutions.

Its versatility, agility, and performance and capability of handling a large number of simultaneous connections make Node.JS developers the most demanding candidates in app development. It is one of the best programming languages for enterprise web applications.

Does Node.js resemble PHP?

Node.js and PHP are similar in some features like handling server-side tasks but differences emerge while we try to compare PHP back-end and JavaScript enabled backend. NodeJS has a metachronous method for executing files that handles multitask with many requests. It doesn’t wait to complete the first process while PHP takes. Let me differentiate both with below metrics-

Steps of working in PHP:

  • Receives a request from the user for the file system.
  • Waits for the file system to open and reads the file.
  • Giving the content back to the client.
  • Ready to handle the next request.

Steps of working in Node.js:

  • Receives a request from the user for a file system.
  • Ready to handle the next request.
  • After the file is opened and read, the server returns the content to the client.

Node.js eliminates the waiting time for the clients and deliver the request fast.

Which applications normally make use of Node.js?

Examples of some applications based on Nodejs:

  • Web Application frameworks
  • Static file servers
  • Servers to support HTML5 multi-player games
  • REST APIs and Backend Applications
  • Real-Time services (Chat, Games, etc.)
  • Blogs, CMS, Social Applications.
  • Utilities and Tools
  • Anything that is not CPU intensive.
  • Messaging middleware
Advantages of Choosing Node.JS

Node.JS communities have a huge number of code packages and modules, which can be used in the web application development process. Their online archive “Node Package Manager (NPM) provides packages of re-usable codes to assemble whenever it’s required.

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Let’s raise the curtain from other benefits of choosing NodeJs development services for your app –

  • Easy Scalability
  • Full-stack JS
  • Higher performance
  • The availability and completeness of documentation
  • Huge and Active Community
  • Freedom to Develop Apps
  • Process Several Request simultaneously
  • All the open issues on GitHub regarding a framework that you are planning to use
  • The type of issues that the particular framework is capable of solving
  • The flexibility that it provides
  • The complexity that a particular framework brings
  • The compatibility with other tools you are planning to use along with the framework
  • Extended support

NodeJs development framework allows app developers to grow and uplift their applications. It provides good returns by automating repetitive processes. It is designed to ease off the development process and enhance the performance of the application. So, if you are thinking of a web application to develop, hire NodeJS developer at Ardorsys and get your work done remotely.

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