eCommerce Development Future: 10 Shopping Trends That Are Changing How We Shop

eCommerce Development Future: 10 Shopping Trends that are Changing How We Shop

It’s the digital world where technologies are transforming the streamlining processes of every business, creating efficiency and increasing productivity. An eCommerce market is speedily moving towards new technologies to grab their benefits and make smooth the shopping journey.

There are several eshops on large scale which require huge transformation to improve operations. To renovate technology systems and helping in supply chain, they need to work in partnership with an eCommerce development company or hire web developer who can provide you new features with add-ons. An eCommerce industry starts journey from manufacturing the product and ends with shopping by a user from a retailer.

Here are top 10 ecommerce development trends that will change shopping.

  1. Extended Reality

In this digital world, virtual and augmented reality are gathering their feet and helping to improve overall customer experience. Augmented reality (AR), mixed realty (MR) and virtual reality (VR) are extended reality that is in use by many retailers today. It assists providing more information to customers about products or services. There is no doubt to say that extended reality will be the first option to allow consumers to share virtual reality shopping experience with others.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are more popular and trending option for mobile experience. Yes. It is going to bring down the mobile conversion gap in 2020. Many ecommerce sites are relying on creating progressive web apps to save time and cost. Additionally, it functions at lighting page speed and adopt mobile-first approach.

  1. Predictive Analytics (Big Data)

Predictive analytics helps retailers to analyze consumer behavior, collect information and trends from the past. With this predictive analytics, shopkeepers can take a proactive approach about future trends, understand purchasing patterns, customer’s needs, shopping experience and improve efficiencies and also reduce operation costs.

  1. Order Fulfillment Automation

Order fulfillment automation will help to enlarge the swiftness and flexibility of operations to compete with large stores. This will not help only in diminishing order processing times but also manage the increasing demands.

  1. Era of Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines assist customers identify products or things they never knew they required and provide multiple options at same time during their shopping journey.

  1. Face Recognition

Face recognition will resolve the problem of shoplifting and retail theft for shopkeepers. In addition, it includes personalized online shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Equipment

With the help of IoT, buyers will get a customized shopping experience that was unpredictable previously.

  1. Customer Chat Bots

Customer chat bots will involve a rapid increase in messaging-based customer service bots across the retail industry. It will enhance the pre and post-sales experience of customers by reducing cart abandonment and solving their problems after sale.

  1. Rise in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will overcome your stress and make smooth eCommerce interaction. With this, eCommerce stores will be able to identify actual buyers, customers who return items.

  1. Omnichannel Experience

This involves incorporating each and every channel or touchpoint to build a comprehensive and cohesive solitary shopping experience. Retailers have been extending their physical impression, utilizing stores to make intelligent and frequently vivid brand encounters.


Still many retailers like grocery stores, book stores who fear making wrong decisions even they are aware of these some trends. While other shopkeepers on large- scale are leading the retail industry to a bold, emerging future with great trending technologies.

If you are having any goods or service to sell from your industry and want to get benefits of these technologies, reach our top web developers at Ardorsys. We will help you to grow, increase your stores visibility and shopping experience of customers.

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