2020 WordPress Developer Hiring Guide: Salaries, Freelance Rates, and More

2020 WordPress Developer Hiring Guide
2020 WordPress Developer Hiring Guide

WordPress is one of the most popular and trending content management system among all users today. Launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress is an open source platform which is mainly developed for blogging purpose. However today, it’s not limited to only blogging but also solving the purpose of easy handling websites.

Yes, WordPress is a more comprehensive CMS and aims to democratize web publishing and make secure and powerful software highly accessible to the masses. More than 40 percent of web is now dependent on WordPress for infrastructure and design.

The most interesting thing about the WordPress is that it involves plugins support too. There are approx. 50-60,000 plugins over the web which helps not only to customize websites with unique themes and features but also assists to secure your websites.

WordPress has become the first choice of web developers, clients and bloggers for any simple, ecommerce, real estate websites and community forums. The CMS is really cool and easy to use if you want to build a blogging site or just simple website using themes. However the issue comes when you are looking for any customization or custom solutions on WordPress.

To serve best UX and functions to your audience, you will surely want to hire professional WordPress developer who is skilled in custom programming, designing, front-end development, frameworks, PHP and API integrations. However to recruit a skilled WordPress develop, you need to read and follow some guidelines to make your project successful.

WordPress Developer Salaries

If we compare with other web development technologies, WordPress development is more affordable than others. The good news is that it still provides the great range of flexibility and functionality. However beware of those who are doing very lowest bidding with a lack of confidence and quality of work. They will just want you to hire them for your project and give you no value of the work. We will help you to identify about the cost of skilled and professional WordPress developers whether you hire remote web developer or freelancer.

Full-time WordPress Developer Salaries

According to data from Indeed’s salary pages, the average WordPress developer salary in the United States is $69,565 per year. Actually the salary varies by location and various other factors such as the supply of skilled developers relevant to demand, the cost of living, and the ease or difficulty of outsourcing work online.

Below is an estimation of monthly and annual costs of working with remote WordPress Developers.

An average cost of a skilled and confident developer is between $50 per hour. We will calculate the estimation with the standard hourly price.

WordPress Developer Monthly Average Salary
40hrs/Week x 4 Weeks = 160 Hours
160 hrs x 50 = $8,000 per Month

Remote WordPress Developer Annual Salary
$8,000 x 12 Months = $96,000 Annually

WordPress Developer Freelance Rates

It can be an idea choice of hiring freelance WordPress developer to make your WordPress dream project successful. However it will be comes true if you choose the right developer based on his skills, experience, past portfolios, bid rate and confidence and many more factors. According to a survey, an average hourly cost of freelance developers is $40 per hour. Some high level experienced developers charge lower than $40 per hour in different countries. So, it is not important that a lowest bidder will always be a less skilled developer.

Below is an estimation of monthly and annual costs of working with freelance WordPress Developers.

WordPress Freelance Developer Monthly Average Salary
40hrs/Week x 4 Weeks = 160 Hours
160 hrs x 40 = $6,400 Per Month

WordPress Freelance Developer Annual Salary
$6,400 x 12 Months = $76,800 Annually

There can be a huge difference in cost of full-time WordPress developers and freelance developers however, keep in mind that unpaid benefits and indirect costs significantly increase the overall expenditure of full-time on-site employees.

WordPress Developer Hiring Platforms

Beginning your journey of finding a reliable WordPress developer can be a disorienting process, but the online landscape is a natural place to start.

There are several WordPress development companies, WordPress communities, freelance portals like Toptal, upwork, guru, etc and other choices to hire the right WordPress developer. They provide you a network of experienced developers with different skills and help in identifying knowledgeable and experienced WordPress devs.

It doesn’t matter where you find and hire the WordPress developer from. The thing you have to remember – the chosen developer should be well proficient and supportive. To identify it, you need to have some knowledge about WordPress. So, you can ask questions before making the choice.

WordPress Developer Job Descriptions

Before hiring the skilled WordPress developer for your job, you need to draft a compelling, specific job description that convinces prospects your opportunity is worth their time and skills. Every job description should contain some requisite information that candidates need to know before they can consider the position.

Be sure to include these five sections in your job description:

  • Job title, location, type of employment (full-time, part-time, etc.), salary range
  • Company overview, vision, mission statement, and culture
  • A detailed list of day-to-day responsibilities
  • Required skills
  • Benefits and perks

Customize these sections so they fit your company’s culture, values, and talent needs. Keep in mind that job tasks, expected finished product, and target consumer should also be included. 

WordPress Interview Questions

Are you done with the job description to hire the WordPress developer?

Well, it’s time to prepare a list of questions you should ask to developer during the interview process for WordPress development of your project.

Here are 10 WordPress developer interview questions to help you get started.

  1. What is the current version of WordPress?
  2. What are your favorite online resources for WordPress themes and plugins? Tutorials and blogs?
  3. List some WordPress features?
  4. What is the activity widget in the WordPress dashboard?
  5. What is the use of the search engine visibility field in WordPress reading settings?
  6. What are hooks? Define the different types of hooks in WordPress.
  7. What is the difference between characters 23 and x23?
  8. How does WordPress use MySQL?
  9. Are objects passed by value or reference in WordPress?
  10. When is WordPress not suitable for a website?
Popular WordPress Plugins You Can Use

Now you are all set to hire the right candidate for your job. Here are some popular and great plugins you will want to use for your website and extend the functionality, security, performance, seo visibility for sure. You can directly use those plugins or ask to developers to customize/modify according to your requirements. If you have any specific custom thought to put into your website, you can tell the WordPress programmers and they will create their own to make completely new applications.

Here is a list of five of the most popular WordPress Plugins that may be useful for your project.

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO is one of the best seo plugin in WordPress. As the name suggests, it helps you analyse your WordPress site for Search Engine Optimization. Yoast SEO plugin helps in optimization for meta titles, descriptions, pages indexing/deindexing, redirects, sitemap, ALT text, external and internal linking, text, and more.

W3 Total Cache
This is one another WordPress plugin that improves website speed by caching data to load it fast while access the same page next time. Improving speed and performance is a vital factor in improving search engine rankings, and this plugin is a great tool to help out.

Woocommerce Plugin
This is the most important plugin to use if you want to create an eCommerce website. The Woocommerce plugin is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes and helps developers and site owners set up functionality for selling physical goods, digital goods, subscriptions, shipping, and more.

MonsterInsights connects your page to Google Analytics and allows you to monitor how users interact with your site. With a better understanding of performance levers like unique views, returning users, and conversion rates, you can make adjustments to boost traffic and revenue.

WordFence is an all-inclusive security plugin with features such as: a web application firewall, malware scanner, login protection, live traffic monitoring, and more. The tools provided by WordFence help you better assess threats and prevent attacks from hackers and malicious bots.


In this article, you have a proper guide about WordPress CMS, developer’s salary, hiring process and more. The thing you have to keep in mind – follow the above steps, have a well-defined scope and requirement about your project. In addition, you should look into past experience of WordPress coder before making a professional relationship with him. Establish a proper detailed communication to synchronize expectations and ensure everything moves forward on schedule.

You can launch your requirements successfully with the right choice of full-time WordPress developer or freelance developer. If you have enough budget to spend for your projects, then hiring remote developer from a well-established web development company like us is the best option. We have a pool of pre-vetted candidates available at Ardorsys. Talk to us now!

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