Website Speed Optimization Solutions

Is a slow website harming your business? Our team will speed it up and fix it for you.

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    Every millisecond may affects your website performance and thereto the conversion rate of the businesses.Every page of your website is an opportunity for your audience to find you and convert. Ardorsys technologies provides website optimization services that is keen in providing 100% to the clients.Web page speed optimization is a concept that is very integral to the task of web designing. Users always prefer a site which loads faster and has the least glitches. This makes it all the more important to have a website with speed optimized pages.Fast loading websites are good for SEO, gain appreciation by the users, and lead to conversions.

    Why website requires Page Speed Optimization?

    Today’s internet users have much choices. People expect their search results to be served to them immediately. Miliseconds delay, in terms of site speed, can result in a drop in conversions.

    Apart from scoring brownie points with Google, our speed optimization service helps by:

    • Keeping visitors on your site, for longer
    • Improving site visitor’s frequency
    • Convert visitors into clients
    • Increasing your sales revenue
    • Conveying a more professional image
    • Making your visitor’s experience more delightful

    Features of our services

    Cut down the HTTP requests to your server

    Image maps, CSS Sprites, combining files, inline images are some of the techniques that we will use to minimize HTTP request on server when someone visits your website.

    Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    If you have lot of traffic or lot of media content. Then you definitely have to use CDN like Akami, Amazon cloudfront. We will help you in setting it up.

    Compressing your documents, scripts and stylesheets

    We use some tools to compress your documents that helps in loading the page faster. Tools we use offers effective compressing method.

    Putting JavaScript and CSS in external files

    Keeping your scripts in an external file and combining them together will send the request to server only once and hence make the web page to load quickly.

    Code clean up

    We remove all the unnecessary characters, white spaces, unused scripts, duplicate scripts etc to reduce the page size and thus improve the page load time.

    Cacheable AJAX

    When your website use AJAX, we need to make cure it is optimized properly. the best way to improve the performance of ajax is to make the responses cacheable.

    Defer parsing of JavaScript

    Minimizing the amount of JavaScript needed to render the page, and deferring parsing of unneeded JavaScript until it needs to be executed, you can reduce the initial load time of your page.

    Avoid landing page redirects

    Redirections on landing pages add delays to the page load and while the redirections are occurring, nothing is shown to the client. Redirections can be eliminated without changing the function of a page.

    Specify a cache validator

    All static resources should have either a Last-Modified or ETag header. This will allow browsers to take advantage of the full benefits of caching.